The Weeknd "My Dear Melancholy" EP Review

The Weeknd "My Dear Melancholy" EP Review

Fans of The Weeknd have long divided into two camps. The first requires each release to return to a minor source. The second enjoys the transformation of The Weeknd into a stadium artist and the major moods of new songs. At "My Dear Melancholy," it turns out to be simultaneously a holiday in the street of the first and an excellent gift for the second. And more importantly at the same time to open Abel on the new side. 

Perhaps, he used to dedicate songs to concrete girls. But we fell in love not for heartbreaking ballads, but for songs, first filled with endless darkness and despair, and a little later with gloss and all the delights of the life of a rich and successful pop artist. The girls were there. But often in the plural and deep feelings, it was not close. 

"Melancholy" has collected in itself the best features of the sound of interrupted releases of The Weeknd. From "Trilogy" and "Kiss Land" here, haunting the listener's sense of eternal anxiety. From "Beauty Behind the Madness" and "Starboy" a sweeping rich sound. For this it is necessary to say thank you to another Canadian Frank Dukes, who started with the song Drake "0 to 100", and then switched to large-scale pop works, including the album Lorde "Melodrama".

In the role of a successful album experiment is the song "Wasted Times", to which he put his hand on Skrillex, suddenly turning to the legacy of the British tasting. Also on the album were two Frenchmen producer Gesaffelstein, known for his work on "Yeezus", and Guy-Manuel half of the duet Daft Punk. "My Dear Melancholy," is a dedication to two very concrete women. The first is an American model Bella Hadid. The second is the singer Selena Gomez. And if the first is devoted to the most beautiful and good lines for the career of the Canadian, then Gomez returned all fans of The Weeknd a sample of his debut trilogy. But if there he dedicated songs of dependence and random connections, on "Melancholy" Abel seems more than ever close to his listener. A person passing through is not the most simple parting. 

The main utterance of 2010th betrayal is considered to be the album Beyonce "Lemonade". This is also surprisingly personal for one of the main stars of the generation work. But "Lemonade" this includes artistic fiction, over which worked a huge number of talented people. 

And "My Dear Melancholy," to the horror frank album. What was previously a material of state-blogging, here becomes facts and the public domain. The Weeknd, who earlier threatened to sleep with all the girls of his city, reveals. 
He confesses that he lied when he said that he did not feel anything, and was ready to tear out a piece of himself for the girl. This is not a vulgar metaphor, but a reference to a very real event in August, when Selene Gomez transplanted the kidney. Donor eventually became not himself Abel, but her close friend. 

This line with a margin became the most quoted on the release, but the main point of the album is the final song "Privilege". He also dedicates to Selene, but The Weeknd quickly comes to the fore. And he says that everything will be fine with him. Pills will drive sadness, alcohol can always pour pain. 

This is the talent of a great artist: to tell about personal suffering so as not to seem to be an insincere actor. 
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