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The Diplomats is an American hip hop group formed in 1997 by childhood friends Cam'ron and Jim Jones in Harlem, New York. The group was originally composed of Cam'ron, Jim Jones and Freekey Zekey, all of whom grew up together in Harlem. Wikipedia
Genre: Hip-hop
Top Hits: "Dipset Anthem", "I Really Mean It", "I'm Ready".

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The Diplomats is a hip-hop group (also known as the Dipset) based in Harlem, New York City.

In the 1920s, Harlem was the Mecca of black music. But, gradually, over the years, the popularity of Harlem has subsided, until finally, it has become one of the most famous ghetto in America.

Now, thanks to the wide popularity of rap music, and the overwhelming success of The Diplomats, Harlem is once again the honorary sixth district of New York.

The Diplomats was founded by the rappers Cam'ron and Jim Jones in 2000.

Initially, the group included Cam'ron, Jim Jones and Freeky Zeeky, they made friends when they were in high school in Harlem.

Cam'ron was in the team for the senior, not only as the father-founder of the rap movement Dipset, which contributed to the history of hip-hop, but also as a talented MC with an aggressive but at the same time rigorously manned rhyme.

Jim Jones was the rapper of the second plan from Cam'ron. And this is understandable, because Jim in nature was an entrepreneur and producer and only then a rapper, and therefore always remained in the category of "very average" ...

Freeky Zeeky, was also a rapper on pick-up, while he, in addition to hobby rap, seriously traded in the streets of Harlem.

The first commercial appearance of The Diplomats was in 2000 on the second solo album Cam'ron SDE, released on Epic Records.
At the same time, the rappers performed at New York radio stations, performing freestyle live.

In 2001, the band joined the seventeen-year-old rapper Juelz Santana, who was introduced to Cam'ron by his cousin.

Juelz Santana is probably the most interesting in Diplomats - a kind of young generation that has come to shift aside with his technique and charisma of all veterans of hip-hop.

In the same year 2001, the leader of the Cam'ron group met with the childhood friend of Damon Dash, the head of Roc-A-Fella, who helped Cam'ron deal with the label.
The rapper has achieved a contract not only for himself, but for the entire Diplomats team.

Purposeful Cam'ron also managed to conclude a two-million-dollar contract with Roc-A-Fella for the formation of his sublime Diplomat Records, whose president was Freeky Zeeky. Cam'ron and Jim Jones, became co-executive directors of the label.

The real popularity for The Dipset came in 2002 with the release of Cam'ron's third album, "Come Home With Me", the success of which, in many ways, brought Juelz Santana. It was he who showed his multifaceted talent in two platinum singles - "Oh Boy!" and "Hey ma".

From this moment, the powerful rotation of The Diplomats began on all radio stations, and the rappers themselves, as workaholics, began to stamp numerous mixtapes with their unreleased tracks and freestyle. In parallel, they worked on the debut album.

On March 25, 2003, The Diplomats released their debut two-disc album "Diplomatic Immunity", which included both remixes of songs and the popular single "Dipset Anthem", which rose to 64th place on the Billboard Hot R & B / Hip-Hop Songs chart.

"Diplomatic Immunity" received a gold status two months after its release.

The album was visited by such artists as Master P, Monique Chandler, Shaniqua Williams, Toya, Freeway, and DMX.
Also on the tracks was another member of The Diplomats, rapper Hell Rell, who at the time of the release of the album, got into prison.

On August 19, 2003, on the Roc-A-Fella label, Juelz Santana released his debut solo album "From Me to U". Despite two recognized hits: "Santana's Town" and "Down" the album did not become very popular.

The popularity of The Diplomats grew, as a leap, they became newfangled, and to some extent, an innovative phenomenon in hip-hop.
Movement Dipset - has become virtually synonymous with street culture, as the dictated its rules.

Thanks to The Diplomats, the whole of America was swept by a wave of popular menswear of pink and purple tones.

The Diplomats came up with their own street jargon. They also owned a "corporate" greeting "What's really good?".

In France, under the strict guidance of Jim Jones, the production of a liqueur called "Sizzurp" was officially launched, which brought a fabulous profit to the team of The Diplomats.

But most importantly, the rappers returned to their area of former glory. The Diplomats, today are just as firmly associated with Harlem, as Jay-Z with Brooklyn or Wu-Tang with Staten Island ...

And then there was a scandal between Roc-a-Fella and The Diplomats and the termination of cooperation. The reason for the scandal is banal - money ...

To record the second album, the team signed a contract with the label Koch Records.

On October 19, 2004, Koch Records released the second album of the group "Diplomatic Immunity 2", which showed the world the recruits of the movement The Diplomats - JR Writer, Hell Rell, 40 Cal and Jha Jha.

"Diplomatic Immunity 2" though did not achieve "gold" as the first part, but even more strengthened the glory of Dipset, as stylish guys and strong ms.

Jha Jha, a native of Miami, became the first lady in Dipset.

She is not new to the street culture and has managed to make noise in other cities, such as New York, Chicago, and Detroit. Being the only woman from The Diplomats, she brings a bit of sexual charm to the men's party.

Official video debut of Jha Jha took place in the video of Jim Jones "What You Been Drankin On?", The author of the track which she herself is.

Another newcomer of the party, a native of the Bronx rapper JR Writer, is a born master of the word. His lyrics quickly capture the listener's attention, and his intellectual themes always present a pleasant surprise to listeners.

Prior to the official appearance in "Diplomatic Immunity 2", JR Writer lit up in the group mixtape. His excellent tracks in the second album rightfully position JR Writer as one of the brightest members of The Diplomats.

Hell Rell joined the party of The Diplomats when they recorded their debut album. But the prison term did not allow the rapper to fully enjoy the success of the album. Hell Rell was released when the work on the second album began, and he put all his energy into the recording studio.

40 Cal - energetic rapper who is able to get a huge crowd of teenagers with his virtuosic freestyle. He proved himself well on "Diplomatic Immunity 2" and gained authority in the group. 40 Cal still finds time to perfect his skills by participating in rap battles.

Freekey Zekey - is the president of the label Diplomatic Records. Leadership and entrepreneurial flair are embedded in it since birth.
He is present on all street mixtapes of Cam'ron and Diplomat albums.

Freekey is known as "Skit Master", he did not participate in the recording of "Diplomatic Immunity 2", since in February 2004 he was sent to prison for taking part in an armed robbery.
In November 20, 2006 Freekey Zekey was released.

Freekey, has numerous tattoos and wears costly suits to attract the attention of the audience. This is his way of self-expression. The lyrics of Freekey Zekey are a reflection of the brutal reality of the streets, which he does not know by hearsay. In 2003, he received a gunshot wound but recovered.

Speaking about the composition of The Diplomats, we should mention about the London duo SAS, which is also signed for Diplomat Records.
In 2004, Mega and his older brother, Mayhem, participated in the Rocawear promotional campaign. As a result, for four days, a compilation of 14 compositions was recorded together with the performers Roc-A-Fella - Cam'ron, Juelz Santana, Jim Jones, Rell, Denim, and others.

In December 2004, Cam'ron left Roc-A-Fella, believing that his projects were not getting the proper promotion. In April 2005 he signed for Asylum Records, taking care that all his albums were released through Diplomat Records.

In August 2005, right after the release of Harlem's second solo album, Jim Jones left for Koch Records, where Hell Rell and JR Writer were hanging out. Juelz Santana stayed on Def Jam, and 40 Cal and Freekey Zekey arrived at The Diplomats records.

All participants of The Diplomats, densely engaged in solo activities on different labels, and the recording of the next album of the band was delayed for an indefinite period.

To continue to make a huge profit on its popularity, The Diplomats made a simple decision - to produce collections.

In 2005, with the filing of the vice-president of The Diplomats Records, Duke Da God, a contract was signed with Koch Records, for the release "More Than Music Vol. 1" (2005).
The following year, the second compilation "Movement Moves" (2006) followed, and later "More than Music Vol. 2" (2007).

In 2006, Jim Jones, while remaining co-CEO of Diplomat Records and a member of Dipset, opened his own label Byrdgang Records. At the same time, he made a new rap group ByrdGang and received a solo contract with the major label Sony / Columbia.

July 11, 2006 JR Writer released a successful solo debut album "History in the Making", which soared to the 25th position in the US chart.

August 8, 2006 already 40 Cal released his debut solo album "Broken Safety", which was attended by Akon, J. R. Writer, Jay Bezel and others. It sold about 50 thousand copies of the album in the US.

On November 7, 2006, Jim Jones released his most successful solo album, "Hustler's P.O.M.E. (Product of My Environment)", which became "golden."
The unpretentious club track "We Fly High" reached the unprecedented seventh place in the Billboard R & B / Hip-hop Songs chart for Jim Jones, and was broadcast on the music channels and radio every hour.
On this wave, the album "Hustler's P.O.ME.E." for one week was sold with a circulation of 100 thousand copies.

The year 2007 became saturated with events in the party of The Diplomats.

Between Cam'ron and Jim Jones, disagreements began, which turned into a major quarrel.
Then Juelz Santana began to accuse Cam'ron that the latter in every possible way interferes with the release of his album.

In 2007, 40 Cal formed his band "Skeme Team", consisting of 40 Cal, Sudaboss and Lucky Bastard.

While Freekey Zekey also formed the group "730 Dips" (as part of Freekey Zekey, Sen, Jet Lag Ash and Tito Green), he became director of his own label "730 Dips Records", and teamed up with Jim Jones in the new band ByrdGang (participants Jim Jones, Max B. (Hold Ya Head Up) Stack Bundles, Mel Matrix Aka Mel Murda and NOE HOOD DVD).

July 24, 2007 Freekey Zekey released his debut solo album "Book of Ezekiel", which had a mediocre success.

On September 25, 2007, it was time and Hell Rell to release his debut solo album "For the Hell of It", which became widely popular and soared to the 5th place on the Billboard Top Rap Albums.

In August 2008, Cam'ron admitted that he had sold the Juelz Santana contract to Def Jam for $ 2 million.
Juelz said in an interview that he does not hold evil against his former boss.
Later the rapper formed his band "Skull Gang" (Composition - Juelz Santana, Richmond Rab, UnKasa, John Depp, Deniro and Riq Rose).

In 2009, Cam'ron launched two new projects:

1) Created a new rap group The U.N which includes rappers from Harlem: Vado, Rod Rhaspy, Byrd Lady, Felony Fame, Charlie Clips and Darnell.

2) Cam'ron decided to expand The Diplomats brand to the West with the help of rapper Omar "Iceman" Sharif.
A group of Dipset West was formed, consisting of such rap artists as Fly Boyz, Begetz and Young Hustle, Omar 'Iceman' Sharif and Stone Starr.

On April 8, 2009, Cam'ron announced that the band The Diplomats had split up, and he would never again make music tracks with Juelz Santana and Jim Jones.

It seems that The Diplomats will never release the third part of "Diplomatic Immunity", but according to the group members themselves, some joint projects have a place to be.

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