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Chicago Classical Concerts

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Everyone who knows their music history as far as Chicago, Illinois is concerned knows that it is a blues, rock and roll, and jazz-influenced city. There are plenty of outdoor places and arenas for those who like classical music to catch performances of people performing music from the likes Beethoven, Bash and even Mozart. If you happen to be in this lovely and vibrant city, there are a few key dates, events and performances on the calendar that have been penciled in all through the summer all the way till 2019. Those searching for Chicago classical concerts will be happy to know that there are many of like the ones below.

Chicago Symphony Orchestra

If you are a massive fan of Tchaikovsky, Dvorak, Mozart and Beethoven, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra (CSO) will give you all of that and more. They are certainly not new kids on the block; their history goes as far back as 1891 when they were founded by Theodore Thomas. The CSO as they are known today for short is one of the five orchestras in American referred to ask the “big five”. They are known to put on quite a show and are not afraid to reinvent their style will stick sticking to their roots. Some of their music can be found in many Pixar films and anyone who wants a chance to hear those selections can find tickets for their world famous “CSO at the movies” series. Anyone who has a child that is into classical music, taking them to see the Chicago Symphony Orchestra at the Chicago Symphony Center is worth every penny. Their Orchestra’s family matinee performances are held in the afternoon on certain dates and getting to where they perform is very easy. Located in Chicago’s Loop, you can easily get there using public transport even if you live in the suburbs.

Evgeny Kissing

A man who will be performing at the Chicago Symphony Center all through the year is Evgeny Igorevitch Kissing. His shows are not to be missed if you in the Chicago area because he is one of the most famous classical pianists on the planet. He rose to fame as a child prodigy and his talent and repertoire will leave any fan of the genre speechless.

Yefim Bronfman

Another famous pianist who can play the piano very well is Yefim Bronfman and he is performing in Chicago as well. He is very talented and has been a big name in the classical music genre ever since his international debut in 1975 with the Montreal Symphony Orchestra and Zubin Mehta. Yefim Bronfman is known to be devoted to chamber music. He has performed successfully with many instrumentalists including those who specialize in the guitar and the chamber ensembles which show that he can mix things up during his grand performances.

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Based on these few suggestions, finding good quality classical music concerts that are affordable in Chicago, IL in 2018 should not be a headache. You can make things very easy for yourself by planning your journey ahead and arriving early as things can get pretty hectic in the summer time. Once that is done, sit back, relax and enjoy some of the best classical music performance the world has to offer. If you are a fan of being out in the open air or prefer a series of concerts in the park near you, check our site to see a full program of everything you need to know.