Rufus Wainwright Chicago Tickets

Rufus Wainwright Chicago Concert Tickets

There are no upcoming Rufus Wainwright events in Chicago, IL.

Born in 1973, Rufus Wainwright spent his earlier years shuttling between Canada and USA because of divorce of his parents. His musical talent and abilities come from his mother who was a multi-award winning Canadian folk singer. His critically acclaimed self-titled album Rufus Wainwright came out in 1998, since then the Canadian / American singer, songwriter and composer have released seven studio albums. Wainwright’s genre of music is heavily influenced by pop culture and politics with unrequited love often used as a recurring theme.

Some of the most recognizable of Rufus’s tunes are (in no particular order):

  1. Go or go ahead (2003)
  2. This love affair (2004)
  3. Song of you (2012)

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