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There are no upcoming Sworn Enemy events in Chicago, IL.

Sworn Enemy is an American metal band from New York City, United States. Wikipedia
Genres: Crossover thrash, metalcore, hardcore punk
Top hits: "These Tears", "Time to Rage", "Scared of the Unknown".

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Being among the most popular personalities in metalcore, Sworn Enemy started a musical career in 2001 with the release of the first LP "Negative Outlook". Since then, Sworn Enemy have a worthy position in the today rock scene, with cool singles: "These Tears", "Time to Rage" and "Scared of the Unknown".
Buy Sworn Enemy tickets for the upcoming concert in Chicago and appreciate how the gang from Queens (New York, United States) play the favorite songs from the stage to the fans. They always try to implement any show in Chicago stand out from the latter. Regardless of whether you are eager to attend the upcoming Sworn Enemy concert in Chicago 2018 or are going to see it at another event. You can buy Sworn Enemy Chicago concert 2018 tickets in 3 steps:

  • Starting the purchase of tickets for Sworn Enemy in Chicago on FeelTix, scroll through the listing of the Sworn Enemy show, announced in 2018 in Chicago Illinois, in the table: "Sworn Enemy in Chicago - Ticket Prices. " Concerts Sworn Enemy in Chicago are arranged in chronological order. When you find the desired date for the Sworn Enemy concert in Chicago, click the orange "Get Tickets" button to go to the next action.
  • Then, you will be redirected to the selected ticket sales service where you can sort available Sworn Enemy concert tickets in Chicago, depending on the cost or distance from the scene. If you need high-priced tickets for Sworn Enemy in Chicago, cheap options or average cost, it's all on this screen. Also on this page, you can watch Sworn Enemy tickets in Chicago by sectors or rows using the displayed scheme of landing the fans. From the moment you find the necessary 2018 tickets in Chicago, which you would like to purchase, be sure to set the number of tickets before you step into the purchase by clicking on "Buy."
  • Payment can be made through a credit card or PayPal. You will have the opportunity to view a summary of the selected Sworn Enemy concerts, including the general price of the full purchase, before sending a ticket request.

Tickets for Sworn Enemy and Concert Description

How to Buy Cheap Tickets for Sworn Enemy in Chicago

The cost of tickets for a live performance of Sworn Enemy in Chicago can be changed based on a number of situations, in particular, the availability and demand, for this reason, the earlier you want to book a ticket, the lower it will be.

Will the Performance of Sworn Enemy Be Near to Me?

If you live in a suburb of Chicago, in such cities: Springfield, Waukegan, Cicero and those that are close. Good luck accompanies you, because not far from you, in Chicago, Sworn Enemy concert will be performed (see the date and price of tickets from the top in the table "Sworn Enemy in Chicago - Ticket Prices"). If the table does not, it means that in the near future, Sworn Enemy does not have concerts in Chicago.

Sworn Enemy Songs and Chicago Setlist

Having started music in 2001, Sworn Enemy brought immeasurable importance to metalcore. During the days of creative work Sworn Enemy was able to release a lot of high-quality songs, with the most famous albums: "As Real as It Gets", "Maniacal". At the concert Sworn Enemy in Chicago in 2018, you, it is possible that you will discover the legendary songs: "These Tears", "Time to Rage", "Scared of the Unknown".

Sworn Enemy Concert in Chicago: What Will You See?

As you can see from the clip under the article, Sworn Enemy concerts are most often filled with wild energy. Look at this to feel the Sworn Enemy live concert with the song: "We Hate (live @ With Full Force 2007)".

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